In the interest of the health and safety of our Clients and Sugaring Team, Clients are requested to follow these measures until further notice :  

1. Wash hands upon arrival 
2. Bring in own face mask 
3. We accept only pre-paid or card payments, no cash.  Tips are accepted and can be left on card 
4. Are you feeling unwell ? If so please stay at home . We will reschedule you for another day
5. We are staggering appointment times to ensure limited contact between individuals. If a client is late this may result in you having to wait outside. We will  endeavour to notify you in time if there are any delays.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation! 

Is sugaring the same as waxing?

No in our opinion it’s much better!

The benefits of sugaring over waxing:
It’s more hygienic, lasts longer, and can be less painful if done regularly. Sugaring doesn’t cause ingrown hairs (it can actually correct them)! In addition, sugaring is a natural exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth. We don’t understand why anyone would want to wax, either.

How much does it cost?

Refer to our online booking page.

What forms of payment does Sugaring London accept

We accept credit cards and cash

Can you sugar everywhere?

Just about. Everywhere except the scalp, beard, inner ears and nostrils.

Can my hair be too long to sugar?

Let us take care of you. It’s what we do! If you’re lacking landscaping, don’t worry! We have trimmers, sugar paste, and trained professionals prepared for every service.

Does sugaring hurt?

Honestly, it depends on the person. The first time is the hardest, and it only gets easier from there. On repeated visits, within 4-6 weeks the hair follicles will be smaller and the bulbs weaker, so they’ll come out smoother each time.

How does sugaring work?

Your sugaring expert applies the sugaring paste and then uses a gentle flicking motion to remove hair in the natural direction of the growth. Unlike waxing, sugar does not adhere to live skin cells and therefore does not leave unwanted residue or discomfort.

What benefits does sugaring have over waxing?

It’s more hygienic, less painful, and lasts longer. It doesn’t cause ingrown hairs. In addition, sugaring is a natural exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth.

What is in the sugar paste?

Sugar, lemon and water. It’s vegan, natural and doesn’t contain anything chemical.

How do I prepare for my sugaring session?

Do not use any lotions or oils on the day of your appointment (sugar does not like oily skin). We love exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and recommend you exfoliate once a week. If this has not been your routine so far make sure to exfoliate at least once prior to your appointment, but NOT the day before or day of your appointment.

I have sensitive skin, will it cause me to breakout?

No! It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (which means that it doesn’t block pores).

Why aren’t there sheets or towels on the sugaring table?

We use medical-grade sanitizers (which are actually more sanitary) in place of towels/sheets in an effort to Go Green

What temperature is the sugar paste?

It’s body temperature or lukewarm, which means it can’t burn your skin.

What is the difference between Hand Sugaring Versus Strip Sugaring?

There are two methods of sugaring: hand sugaring and strip sugaring. Hand sugaring is the most natural and ancient way of hair removal. Strip sugaring sees a thin layer of sugar paste being applied with a spatula. A cloth is then placed over the paste before being removed. Unlike other sugaring places, we hand sugar the traditional, all the way in order to make sure no hair is left behind or broken.

Hand sugaring is not only the most sanitary and meticulous way of sugaring, it is also an art. Only the best sugaring therapists use this method.

Where are you located?

We have two studios in London, one in Notting Hill and one in Shoreditch.

Sugaring London

Sugaring London Notting Hill – 32 Uxbridge Street, W8 7TA

Sugaring London Shoreditch – 105 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DL

If I use Acutane, RETIN-A, or other retinoid creams is it safe to get sugared?

We do not recommend body sugaring unless it has been at least one month since using a retinoid or six months since using Acutane.

I have tattoos – is that okay?

Absolutely! Sugaring can actually help brighten tattoos.

Do I need to worry about “double dipping” or other sanitation issues like I do with waxing?

No, a ball of sugar is only used for one client and is discarded after a single use. Also, we apply the sugar paste by hand and don’t require application sticks for applying the sugar paste.

I’ve started my period and I have an appointment for a brazilian, should I reschedule?

It’s up to you. Menstruating does not affect the sugaring process, although you may be a bit more sensitive to pain. If you’d rather not reschedule, simply use a tampon during your appointment.

Can I book my preferred therapist?

We will do our best, but we can’t guarantee your sugaring expert of choice. This is due to illness, holidays and changes in the work schedules of our staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Leaving a tip is optional, but very much appreciated! Tips are kept by your therapist.

Can I get money off my next appointment if I refer a friend?

Referral cards are available in your local sugaring studio. You get £5 OFF your next sugaring treatment for each friend who has completed their first sugaring treatment and brought in the referral card. Referrals must be first-time guests to Sugaring London. Additional Terms may apply. Participations may vary. Ask your local Sugaring London Studio for further information.

It is safe to sugar when pregnant?

It’s completely safe to get sugared throughout the entire pregnancy. Even if you can’t see it, we can, and you’ll love the results. Please note: our policy is to sugar ladies from 12 weeks up to the birth.

Do you sugar men?

A high percentage of our clients are male, so no need to worry. We have perfected the art. We currently offer all male services including male intimate (Manzilian / Hollywood) sugaring. 

Can you sugar beards?

We cannot sugar beards. The reason for this is the ‘root system’ underneath the skin could come up whilst removing hair from this area – for further information contact our reception team on 0207 243 8273.

How do I need to prepare for my sugaring appointment?

  • Minimum length for first time sugaring: 5mm (length of a grain of rice).
  • Don’t moisturise on the day of your appointment.
  • Whenever possible, please wear clean, loose-fitting clothing straight after your appointment. Avoid full-on lace underwear up to 24 hours post treatment.
  • Gents: front or back torso sugaring. Please bring a long, clean cotton shirt to wear after your appointment.
  • For the ladies: we can sugar during your period. You may be more sensitive during this time of the month though.
  • If possible, exfoliate up to 24 hours before your treatment. Regular exfoliation leads to beautiful skin.


What’s the length my hair needs to be for my first sugaring appointment

Minimum length for first time sugaring: 5mm (length of a grain of rice).

Can I exercise straight after my sugaring appointment?

We recommend to wait at least 24 hours before participating in activities that cause friction or sweating (including sex).

What is the advice for sugaring after-care?


48 Hours before & after your service Do Not:

  • Use a Tanning Bed with UV Lights
  • Spray Tan (unless you want little orange spots)
  • Exfoliate with scrubs or chemical serums
  • To reduce chances of bacterial infection, avoid pools and hot tubs for at least two days after your appointment.

24 Hours after your service Do Not:
– high rash and pustules risk –

  • Participate in activities that cause friction or sweating (including sex)
  • Use lotions, serums, or other skincare treatments
  • Use perfumed skin products or products with chemical irritants
  • Swim or use communal bathing areas
  • Refrain from touching the freshly sugared area for the first 24 hours. We carry germs on our hands and the area sugared is more susceptible to bacteria that might cause an infection.
  • Avoid tweezing, shaving and epilating between appointments


  • Exfoliate twice a week
  • Moisturise daily
  • Keep your sugaring 4-6 weeks apart

When can’t I be sugared?

  • First trimester pregnancy
  • Active skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, excessive sweating
  • Facial sugaring: please note that we can’t perform facial sugaring if you use Retinol or Retin-A products in your facial skin care regime. Please note, there has to be at least 3 months in between your first sugaring session and finishing with Retinol/ Retin-A.
  • We can’t sugar you if you are currently on Accutane or Roaccutane. Please note, there has to be at least 3 months in between your first sugaring session and finishing the medication.


Can I use the mud mask when pregnant?

Hungarian mud masks are not suitable during pregnancy.

Do you have any special offers and packages?

Packages can be purchased online or by calling your local Sugaring London studio. Packages are non-refundable and valid for 6 months from date of purchase and can’t be extended. For more information about packages, please contact your studio.

Do you have any student discounts?

We offer students a 10% discount on each intimate ( Brazilian/ Hollywood) sugaring treatment. Valid Monday – Thursday from 1pm to 4 pm. A valid student card MUST be shown when you come in for your appointment. To book, speak to your local studio.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We strive to accommodate the appointment needs of our clients, and make every effort to keep on time for scheduled appointments. If your appointment time becomes inconvenient for you, we are always happy to change it if you provide us with 24 hours notice.

What if I’m late for my appointment?

Clients will generally be allowed a 5-10 minute grace period. If you are late, we may not be able to complete the entire treatment. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be rescheduled in order to meet the needs of those who are on time for their pre-reserved visit. If this happens it will be considered a missed appointment and 100% of the booked treatment charge will apply to your account.

Please remember that your appointment is reserved for you and only you. Thank you for your understanding.

What is your no show policy?

As you can imagine, a client not turning up for their appointment can lead us into a difficult situation. As a company, we miss turnover and have a gap in our agenda. Of course, we always have the client’s best interest in mind and understand the occasional missed appointment. However should this occur regularly then the client is obliged to pay the costs of the missed appointment. A “No Show” is a client who does not show up on the appointed time, this includes coming 15 minutes late. This will be specified in your client card.