Mens Sugaring


What you need to know before you come in for your
first sugaring appointment with us.
  • Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before your sugaring appointment.
    Dead skin cells obstruct unwanted hairs from coming out- and we want to be sure you will be the smoothest dude out there when you step out of the room.
  • Bring a clean cotton shirt.
    After sugaring your pores are super clean and open. A dirty sweaty t-shirt can cause bacteria to enter your pores. This can lead to spots and you (and us) don’t want that.
  • Don’t partake in any form of strenuous exercise up to 48 hours post treatment.
    Why? Sweat can cause spots and bacteria that can cause ingrown hair. Wait until the pores narrow and then get busy exercising.
  • BUY our exfoliating mitten.
    Why? You will need to exfoliate twice a week to make sure those dead skin cells – the ones we spoke about a second ago – are gone. Our extra large exfoliating mitten can reach all the way around your body. When regrowth wants to rear it’s ugly  head, it’s important it can pop through. If your skin starts to feel itchy 2-3 weeks post sugaring it’s a sign you need to exfoliate.
  • Good to know: A rash post sugaring? It’s more than likely to be a histamine reaction. That’s normal. So what’s that “histamine thing” we’re talking about? It’s your body sending white blood cells to heal the skin where the hair has been extracted. Some people experience a “rash” when that happens aka a histamine reaction. This can last up to 48 hours max. What not to do? Don’t apply your own lotions and potions. Leave it alone or ask for a sample of our mud mask to take home.
    Note: don’t let a histamine reaction put you off sugaring. If you keep up with your sugaring treatments, your body will get used to it over time and the chances of a histamine reaction will reduce. Moreover your regrowth will become thinner and thinner, itchiness from regrowth reduces eventually and hair reduction will kick in fast.