What is sugaring hair-removal ?

Sugaring hair-removal is the next hair removal trend you are going to be obsessed with! If you have not heard of sugaring before, it’s a method of removing unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth by applying a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair. Developed by ancient Egyptians who considered a hairless body synonymous with royalty, class and prosperity, sugaring has been provided an effective cosmetic solution since the early ages. Today there has been a revival of the sugaring trend, and in a big way! People want greater insight into what beauty products are made of and are swapping conventional beauty treatments for clean versions made without the potentially toxic ingredients.


Sugaring hair-removal in its pure form, is a hair-removal technique that uses and all-natural sugar paste to remove unwanted body hair from the follicle whilst gently exfoliating the skin.Nowadays some companies are producing sugaring pastes that contain fragrances or ingredients that are not 100% natural. Please make sure that you always double check with your salon what’s in the jar before you get sugared, if this is important to you.


Sugaring London uses the the sugaring hand method of applying the sugaring paste against the direction of hair growth. This allows the paste to seep into the follicle and wrap around each hair shaft. Removing the paste, along with the hair in the natural direction of hair growth, is crucial to ensuring proper hair-removal.Since the sugaring paste is water soluble, it only removes dead skin cells and can’t stick to living skin cells, making the skin easy to moisturise without the chance of skin irritation.


There are numerous reasons why we think sugaring is the best way to remove unwanted hair. Most products used for sugaring paste are natural, free of preservatives and other chemicals. If you suffer from allergies, dry psoriasis and dry, non-itchy eczema you can still get sugared.  The results of sugaring are effective immediately, leaving your skin smooth and silky for weeks. Sugaring is suitable for all skin tones and skin types. It works with any hair colour since it doesn’t target pigment. Repeated treatments can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth. Sugaring can get rid of ingrown hair. Bacteria cannot breed in high concentrations of sugar making sugaring extremely sanitary.  You can treat the same area several times to extract hair as short as 1/16th inch 1.5 mm. 


Want to try it yourself at home?  Sugar paste is water soluble which means that residue on clothing, towels or furniture can be easily wipes down with lukewarm water. Sugaring combines two treatments in one: hair-removal and gentle skin exfoliation.  Some sugaring pastes, including ours,  can be applied without pre-heating. This means that you can never burn yourself when applying the paste. In short, if you’re looking to try some sugaring at home we recommend to firstly check if it’s 100% natural and vegan. Then make sure your product carries the official Vegan logo and comes with  a clear set of application instructions.

Last but not least, most people say the sugaring hurts less than other forms of hair-removal. So, what are you waiting for? Next time you need a wax why not try sugaring instead?