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Always wanted to know how to exfoliate ? This is it! Say goodbye to unsightly and irritated bikini lines. Our bikini brush is not too coarse nor too soft. It really works! By gently dry brushing the bikini area on a daily basis with a soft, natural jute brush, the dry layers of skin are removed, allowing the hair to grow in properly, eliminating the painful ingrown hairs. So go ahead, wear the tiniest of tiny bikinis and be confident that you look great – all over!


Brush before your morning shower in circular motions.To maintain the cleanliness of the brush, shake the brush after use or lightly mist your brush with a tea tree solution (1 part tea tree oil, 2 parts water) to keep it clean.  For dry use only. Replace the brush after 8-12 months of use.

This 7″  (17.8cm) bikini brush is handmade with natural jute fibers. Jute is extracted from the bark of the Jute plant and is one of nature’s strongest vegetable fibers.

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Our clients love the bikini brush! Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Exfoliate twice a week and 24 hours before a sugaring session and unwanted hair will come out easier! Did you know that our bikini brush can only be used to gently exfoliate the face from dead skin cells? Make sure to buy two! Your skin will thank you with a glow.

*All our products are shipped in recycled packaging. Our packaging peanuts are 100% biodegradable.


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