Limited edition sugaring paste warmer


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The UK made sugaring paste warmer is here! New to sugaring and not sure what the right sugaring paste consistency should feel like ? Or, are you a sugaring professional keen to get on with sugaring- fast? Our sugaring warmer will be your new bff.

The heater includes a locking lid, locking protective collar, and removable mains lead. Microprocessor temperature control, easy to use control panel and digital temperature display so you can be 100% sure your heating the sugaring paste at the correct temperature. Fast heat mode, standby mode and temperature memory.

Sugaring London loves:  Our sugaring pastes can be used with or without preheating. Since sugaring paste is a 100% natural product (that’s why we love it) , external factors such as the weather,  can influence the consistency of the paste. If you use a sugaring warmer,  this will  no longer an issue. The beauty of sugaring is that the paste should never be applied hot and for sugaring purposes only needs to be heated at 35 degrees maximum. Whilst you do your sugaring you keep the sugaring jar in the warmer and the paste stays beautiful and consistent. Made in the UK. Currently suitable for our 500 grams sugaring paste jars only*.

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