Sugaring London Glow Mitt


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The Sugaring London Glow Mitt is now available online. One of the best sellers in our studios, ideal in between sugaring and a “must have” when it comes to skin exfoliation. The Sugaring London Glow Mitt helps to get rid of dead skin cells leaving behind super smooth skin.

How to use: Use the Sugaring London Glow Mitt twice a week in the shower. Wash with water and shower gel first. Make sure your body is nice and clean. Then, make sure to rinse off all soap as the Glow Mitt doesn’t not like soap. Switch off the water to help save the planet, put the mitt on and start scrubbing your body. In a circle motion always upwards towards the heart. Your arms, your legs, your bikini or your back. All can be scrubbed. Avoid broken skin or raised moles and do not use on face or decollate.  The process of scrubbing takes 2 minutes. Then rinse all dead skin cells off with lukewarm water. Dry yourself and apply our Sugaring London Face + body lotion. Your skin will thank you with a glow.

The mitt can be hand-washed and re-used up to 3 months.

Size : 14 cm x15 cm

Sugaring London loves: Exfoliation is great in between hair-removal appointments as it allows regrowth to pop through without dead skin blocking the new hair, thus helping to prevent ingrown hair. For (organic) fake tan lovers this mitt is ideal when you want to buff away old tan.

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