How to sugar

We show you how to sugar at home using the famous Sugaring London hand method. From its origins in Egypt, to its revival today, sugaring is the hottest trend in hair-removal. If you can’t come to our studios, you can now bring a little bit of Sugaring London to your home.

Good to know

Some people call it “sugar-waxing”, others call it “halawa sugaring” or even “finger wax”. We call it sugaring. At Sugaring London we don’t like to use the word “wax” as we feel sugaring is a hair-removal method that deserves its own title. There are many advantages over waxing . Sugaring optimises the condition of your skin. The paste can’t remove live skin cells and instead only gets rid of the dead skin cells. The ones you can do without. Leaving behind super smooth skin that is hair-free and positively glowing. Sugaring paste can’t burn you. Our sugaring paste doesn’t even require preheating. Thus is brings the risk of burning yourself to zero.  The list goes on.

What makes good sugaring paste

So how best to choose the sugaring paste for your home sugaring? High quality sugaring paste has a completely natural composition. Because of that, it is hypoallergenic, vegan and completely safe. When people prepare sugaring paste at home they most often use sugar, water and lemon juice. When people prepare the paste themselves it can be challenging to achieve the desired density. What’s for the consistency of the product, it is completely impossible to produce the paste compared to the professional one. The paste should not be too liquid or too hard. Sugaring London’s Home line is made from Sucrose, Aqua (Water) Acacia Senegal Gum and Citric Acid. Oh.. and did with mention our paste is vegan too?

Inside knowledge

What should not be in a sugaring jar?  Preservatives that are not natural, fragrances to make it smell like anything else but sugaring paste or even use sugar that has been decolorised using bone filter (!) which, is not vegan friendly. At Sugaring London we guarantee that this is not the case with our sugaring paste and we are very proud to cary the official Vegan trademark to show that when we say vegan ,we mean it! We are so passioned about what we do and know exactely what’s in the jar. Moreover, we have been sugaring thousands of clients in our famous sugaring studios over the years and have created a sugaring paste that doesn’t just look good but is guaranteed to work!

Size does matter

And when it comes to how much sugaring paste you should order for your home sugaring, size does matter. Especially if you are a beginner we recommend you buy at least a larger size jar. Our jars are 0.5 KG. If you are a beginner, sugaring can be quite messy (but lots of fun) and if you follow our hand sugaring technique you will soon be an expert.  Don’t give up. Follow our how to sugar instructions,  soon to be available in our webshop and remember, only practise makes perfect!

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